Hall probe together with either CRO or voltmeter or flux-meter


Measures B-field.

*State that

(i) the probe is placed perpendicularly to the field so as to obtain the maximum reading AND (ii) the probe needs to be calibrated first.

Search coil + CRO

E.g. A coil generates a changing magnetic field using signal generator. The changing magnetic field is measured using a perpendicular search coil and CRO.

A coil of copper wire. Can be used to measure changing magnetic field. The induced voltage can be read from a CRO.
Helmholtz coils

The actual coil

The field pattern is constant inside the coil

Consists of two large flat circular coils placed close to each other. When a common current flows through both coils in the same direction, a constant magnetic field is produced in the space between the coils.
Solenoid Provides a const B field in the central region of the coil.

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